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CodeIgniter vs Laravel – Difference Between Them

Should I choose Laravel or CodeIgniter? Will CodeIgniter work better for my development project? What benefits does Laravel serve in creating websites? Does CodeIgniter work well for a secured application?  If you are trying to find the answers to these questions! You are on the right page. This blog covers CodeIgniter vs Laravel and various […]

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Leading Web App Development Trends For Businesses in 2023

A website or app owner businessman needs to stay tuned with the latest web development trends. Staying up to date allows you to keep your website at par with technology upgrades which enhances the overall UX of the website. With massive competition, businesses must pay attention to technology trends as it impacts the overall UX […]

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The next version of Laravel: what’s coming in v10?

With the continuously expanding popularity of Laravel, Team Laravel is working diligently to ensure it takes its rightful place as a framework of choice for eCommerce owners. To that end, the Laravel Team has revealed its latest version: Laravel 10. The Laravel Team is certainly generating some promising buzz with the launch of their new […]

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Why Choose Laravel for your next web app development?

Laravel is a robust open-source PHP web application framework that simplifies complex coding. With an MVC design pattern, components from other PHP frameworks are reused to build practical and functional applications without the need for tedious code writing. Developers highly commend this PHP laravel framework for its elegant syntax, making development faster while maintaining high-quality […]

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Laravel Package Development: A Technical Step-by-step Guide

Are you a Laravel enthusiast ready to take your skill set up a notch? Then why not learn how to create packages for the framework? If that sounds interesting, then this tutorial is what you need.  If you’ve already created some great apps with this impressive framework, why not enter the world of creating reusable […]

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