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We have a skilled team of Laravel programmers catering to B2B & B2C companies of diverse industry verticals. At Laravel Wizard, we focus on providing you with impeccable web solutions that fulfil your business objectives and drive exemplary growth. Our expert Laravel developers leverage the PHP framework for creating personalised features that enhance your brand appeal and add value to the organisation.  

Whether you are looking for a new web app or migrating to the Laravel framework, our dedicated Laravel developer team handles it for you effectively. Our decade of expertise in the PHP frameworks ensures you make the most of Laravel. Following are the standard features of all our Laravel solutions.

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Our Laravel Development Services Include

We are committed to serving you with the exceptional regardless of the industry, scale and position.

Expertise in OOPs
Relational Database Designing
Streamlined Development Process
High Competence With MVC Framework

Check Out What Makes Laravel Wizard a Notable Hub of Trusted Laravel Developers

Development Skill

Development Skills

Our certified Laravel programmers have proved themselves resourceful via their:-

  • Mathematical aptitude skills.
  • Firm command over diverse programming languages.
  • Self-development skills to keep up with trends.
Development Skill

Knowledge of Tools

Our team prefers to remain practiced with emerging tools to serve you the best:-

  • PHPStorm for faster debugging and Laravel development.
  • AWS Cloud 9 to share the environment with the workmates.
  • GitHub to access emerging trends and tools.

Take a Look at Some of Our Laravel Projects

Take an look at some of our clients whose business solutions have been built using Laravel

  • Navigation Gadgets

    Navigation Gadgets

    Plugin Integration, HD Rotating banners

    Laravel Wizard was approached by Navigation Gadgets, a leading name in navigation solution providers, to develop a comprehensive e-commerce website.

    The post Navigation Gadgets appeared first on Laravel Wizard latest Blog , Updates and tips of laravel.

    Navigation Gadgets

    Plugin Integration, HD Rotating banners
  • Debito


    Design & Development, Quick Loading Elements, Chat Client Integration

    The website has been integrated with a Laravel powered Admin panel for a complete control over the site activities. The administrator can manage all the front-end actions along with user account related requests for a better client-user engagement.

    The post Debito appeared first on Laravel Wizard latest Blog , Updates and tips of laravel.


    Design & Development, Quick Loading Elements, Chat Client Integration
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Why Hire Laravel Developers from Laravel Wizards?

All our Laravel developers are hand-picked and hold years of expertise in web development projects. Our Laravel developers offer you the following:

Exclusive Control

Exclusive Control

We use up-to-date project monitoring tools, including Basecamp, Jira, Zoho, etc., to provide you with advanced and exclusive control over the developers. 

Hassle-free Collaboration

Hassle-free Collaboration

You can connect with the team over calls, chat, emails, etc. So you experience streamlined communication with the development team.

100% Transparency

100% Transparency 

We value the process it takes to build trust. Our PHP Laravel developers team updates the clients with weekly and monthly reports to ensure complete transparency over the project.

60 Days of Support & Maintenance

60 Days of Support & Maintenance

No questions asked; we provide consistent support post-project completion for 60 days. So our clients can relax and be free of any technical issues.

Bug-Free Programming

Bug-Free Programming

Our agile development model allows a parallel check on the code during the project development. Earlier bug elimination clears the way for robust code development.

Faster Time to Market

Faster Time to Market

Our experienced team employs code-reusability and module integration to ensure your project completes and reaches the market faster.

Frequently Asked Questions to our Lavavel Developers

  • How much does it cost to hire dedicated Laravel developer?

    The cost to hire Laravel developer depends significantly on the outsourcing nation and chosen platform. For example, developers from independent platforms offer many affordable rates, but you suffer from the issues of poor quality and theft of ideas.

    In contrast, when you hire Laravel developers from a software company, you get a 100% project warranty, NDA, etc. Moreover, when you hire dedicated Laravel developers from us, you also get 60 days of free support and maintenance.

  • How can I hire a Laravel expert or a company?

    It's a straightforward process to hire Laravel experts. You can simply place your requirements or project specifications. We will provide you with a full-stack Laravel developer or team based on your requirements.

    So, hiring Laravel developers involves you choosing a compatible engagement model and signing up for the contract. As soon as you are done with these two, you can avail the services of a Laravel certified developer or developers team.

  • What is a full stack Laravel developer?

    A full stack Laravel developer mainly refers to a dedicated professional who can cater to both the front and back end of your website using the Laravel framework. So, apart from using HTML & CSS, a full-stack Laravel developer is also proficient in browser and server programming.

  • Can I have direct control over Laravel Developers?

    Yes, you can directly control dedicated Laravel programmers with standard communication tools. The team will respond directly to you and keep you updated with regular reports. Thus, you have greater transparency with dedicated Laravel programmers handling your project.

  • Do you provide support and maintenance services after deployment?

    Yes, support and maintenance can be included as a part of the package when you hire Laravel specialists from us. Our remote Laravel developers team provides you with consistent support and services for 60 days post-project completion. It comprises bug fixes, framework upgrades, continuous monitoring, & technical glitch resolution of your website and web app.

  • Is it advisable to hire a Laravel specialist to build a scalable app?

    Yes, the Laravel PHP framework is scalable in nature and works well with a growing audience. The framework comes with built-in support for caching, cloud storage, and session drivers, which are vital in enhancing the applications' scalability. Thus, experienced Laravel developers can easily create scalable software applications for your business. 

  • Can I use Laravel to build mobile apps for my company?

    Yes, Laravel can be used to create mobile apps too. A mobile app development company can connect a native app to the Laravel PHP framework. We have handled similar projects in the past as it ensures higher scalability to the developed application.