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Why Your Business Need Laravel Maintenance & Support Services?

Laravel maintenance services are about updating your site with the latest PHP versions, upgrading databases, adding the newest technology trends, and more. So, leveraging Laravel support will help you maximize your digital presence with enhanced user experience. Laravel follows semantic versioning, which means the maintenance team of the PHP framework comes with new releases every year. 

These new versions focus on security improvements, bug fixes, usability improvements, and upgraded user experience. Updating your Laravel site to stay competitive in the digital era is essential. 

The Importance of Laravel Website Maintenance and Support Services 

User engagement is the key to creating high UX for a business brand. With the introduction of new and innovative technologies, it is crucial to update your site regularly. Otherwise, web visitors find the website old and outdated. The Laravel PHP support services keep your business site up-to-date with these technology updates and trends.

So, it’s easier for businesses to focus on the core business objectives while a dedicated party keeps the site up-to-date. Moreover, the rise of ransomware, botnets, drive-by download attacks, and phishing attacks has made it crucial for organizations to keep up with the latest security practices. 

Benefits of Laravel Maintenance & Support Services

  • Your site gets updated with the latest trends
  • The site is more secure
  • The speed performance of the site is optimized as per the user’s expectations
  • Notable improvements in the SEO performance of the business site
  • Improves the user experience of the site
  • Minimizes the threat of downtime
  • The updated content has a more impactful experience for the web visitors

While there are many benefits of regular maintenance, it’s vital to choose the best agency. Otherwise, you will fail to experience the maximum benefits of it. You must analyze how to choose a good Laravel Web Development Company.

How to Choose a Reliable Developer for Laravel Maintenance Services?

The chosen developer must have proven expertise in the PHP framework and should also be able to provide support with quality results on time. It’s also vital to inspect the soft skills of the developer as you will be in continuous touch with them. Focusing on the following five parameters will help you select the right developer for Laravel maintenance.

Step 1 – Inspect Your Requirements

Having clear insights into your needs will help you choose the right developer or agency. Each business is unique in terms of its goals and requirements. 

  • Does your web applications need content updates besides version updates? 
  • Are You looking for server maintenance too? 
  • Or do you just want the version upgraded? 

Analyzing these questions will help you choose the right team of Laravel developers for your site maintenance. 

Step 2 – Ask About the Relevant Experience

It’s vital to select an experienced developer for the task at hand. Choose a developer with at least two years of solid experience in the PHP framework for credible results. Also, unlike development, maintenance requires experience in various technology tools. Do not shy away from asking whether the developer has handled similar responsibilities in the past.

At Laravel Wizard, we have developers with over five years of experience in the Laravel PHP framework. Our developers have keen business insights and produce result-oriented improvements in the site.

Step 3 – Look for Good Communication Skills

You will discuss various aspects of improvements on a regular note. The Laravel framework developer must be able to communicate with fluency. Otherwise, you may suffer from unnecessary anxieties about the maintenance work of the site. 

Step 4 – Read their Reviews from Previous Clients

Positive reviews from earlier clients are proof of developers’ delivering quality work. Ask for client testimonials from their previous clients. So, you can be sure before you hire them. Also, look for the value of money the Laravel developer delivers. Do you know how much it costs to maintain a Laravel site?

The Cost to Maintain a Laravel Site – Main Factors Involved

The final cost to maintain a running site depends on which services you take from the Laravel developer. You need a certain level of customization to match your business demands. The major factors involved in maintaining a site are:

Source Code Audit

Auditing the source code is the foremost factor in any web maintenance project. You need to ensure the Laravel developer can identify and eliminate all kinds of flaws from the existing site. Most of the issues in the source code revolve around security, code complexity, and more. Keep a tab on the following aspects of source code auditing.

  • Evaluation of the security issues
  • Elimination of the dead & redundant code
  • Minimizing the code complexity
  • Resolving the un-validated data
  • Removing the duplicate code
  • Maintaining the source code documentation, high-quality standards, and guidelines

Integration of Third-Party Solutions

Third-party software integration helps you achieve new functional features on the existing site. Various third-party solutions are available to upgrade the current site’s look, feel, and performance. For example, an ecommerce based Laravel site can integrate additional Payment Gateways for a higher conversion rate. Depending upon the number of third-party solutions, the cost of maintenance increases directly.

Updating the Security Patches for the Site

After the source code auditing, the most crucial maintenance aspect is ensuring regular security upgrades. So, the site offers standard security against various forms of phishing attacks and viruses. A secure site can build credibility among web visitors effectively. Moreover, the Google search engine provides good ranks for these sites. 

Performing Migration and Version Upgrades

Version updates are a predominant part of the Laravel maintenance services. As of February 14, 2023, Laravel has released version 10. The next update is due in Q1 of 2024. The release of Laravel 10 came with various exciting new features, bug fixes, and security fixes. Your site maintenance team is supposed to implement these upgrades on the site. 

Themes and Plugin Updates

You do not want to keep your site running with outdated themes and plugins. They risk vulnerabilities to the site. It is necessary to upgrade your website themes and plugins for added security.

Customizing New Features

You may need new features on the site which are not available in the this-party integrations. Custom features help with the intuitive flow and performance of the site. The maintenance cost increases based on the time it takes to tailor the features.

Performance Analysis of the Site

High-speed performance is the driving factor of UX. In other words, the site’s slow loading leads to a high bounce rate and poor experience. The Laravel developer must ensure standard website speed performance, so customers find it easier to navigate and use.

Over to You

As vital as it is to have a digital presence, it’s critically necessary that the site stays up-to-date. So, your business keeps increasing with the growing technology. At Laravel Wizard, we offer custom maintenance services to provide you maximum value for money. Our Laravel-certified developers hold expertise in the following:

  • Business-Oriented Laravel Web Development
  • Third-party integrations
  • Upgrading security patches & Laravel versions
  • Web application migration to Laravel
  • Image optimization under the maintenance mode
  • Website loading speed optimization
  • Optimizing the database with frequent backups
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