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CodeIgniter vs Laravel

CodeIgniter vs Laravel – Difference Between Them

Should I choose Laravel or CodeIgniter? Will CodeIgniter work better for my development project? What benefits does Laravel serve in creating websites? Does CodeIgniter work well for a secured application? 

If you are trying to find the answers to these questions! You are on the right page. This blog covers CodeIgniter vs Laravel and various aspects related to these two leading PHP frameworks.

Before we dive into the details of these two PHP frameworks, look at their critical differences.

Codeigniter vs Laravel – 10 Key Differences 

Parameter CodeIgniter Laravel
Database Model It is an object-oriented programming framework. It is relational Object-Oriented.
In-built Modules Availability Not Available Available
Ease of Learning It is simple to learn. It has a steep learning curve.
Security Features SQL injection, cross-site scripting attacks, and remote code execution. In-built SQL injection, cross-site scripting, &  code-authentication features save time and effort.
Code Structure It follows an MVC code architecture. It also follows the MVC development pattern.
Development Time The lack of in-built features leads to more time in creating a robust code. The availability of several ready-made features significantly reduces the project development time.
Availability of the Unit Testing tool Not available Available
Routing Support It supports both implicit and explicit routing. It supports explicit routing.
GitHub Stars Rating 16.5K 45.5K
Global Popularity (as per research by Statista) It is rapidly used but is not among the top 25 frameworks. It holds a popularity of 9.45% among developers worldwide.

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a popular open-source PHP framework. It assists developers in building fully functional dynamic web pages. As a leading framework, CodeIgniter provides rich libraries helpful in developing standard and repetitive code. The outstanding features of the CodeIgniter framework include ease of learning, an intuitive interface, routing support, and more.

Benefits of Using the CodeIgniter Framework:

  • It is a lightweight framework with a size of just 2 MB
  • CodeIgniter requires less time to learn and has a user-friendly interface
  • It loads faster
  • Tackle threats like SQL injection, cross-site scripting attacks, and remote code execution
  • Has cookie encryption and decryption features 
  • It is an SEO-friendly framework
  • Multiple eCommerce features like Payment Gateway, product cart management, shipping management, etc.

Websites Using CodeIgniter

  • Casio Computers
  • Feedcump
  • The Mail & Guardian

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP-based web framework. It helps design and develop robust websites and apps for various business categories. Laravel is a complete framework and has the Blade template engine and a command line tool called Artisan. The PHP framework is helpful in creating both the front and back end of web development projects. The framework’s advanced features have made it an active choice for building small and large-scale development projects.

Benefits of Using the Laravel Framework:

  • Laravel comes with tons of inbuilt features
  • Provides high flexibility to website and app development projects
  • Easy integration of new features
  • It comes with a powerful mail library integration 
  • Server-side caching with built-in drivers
  • Built-in testing features and PHPUnit testing support
  • Highly scalable framework

Websites Using Laravel

  • Alison
  • Laracast
  • World Walking

Detailed Comparison of CodeIgniter vs. Laravel

CodeIgniter vs Laravel – The Simple One to Learn & Master

CodeIgniter has a more straightforward learning curve, which makes it easier to master. PHP programmers require less time and effort to learn the usage of the CodeIgniter framework. Laravel comes with a steep learning curve. PHP programmers must practice using the framework for a significant time to master this framework. 

Winner – CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter vs Laravel – Faster Development Rate

Both the CodeIgniter and the Laravel framework reduce the development time significantly. Both are accomplished web frameworks and are reliable options for creating world-class web development projects. However, if you are looking for a faster time-to-market web development idea, Laravel leads. The framework has several in-built capabilities and rich libraries that support high-quality, robust code development at a quicker rate. Thus, when you hire a Laravel developer, you can expect functioning web solutions in less time.

Winner – Laravel

CodeIgniter vs Laravel – Various In-Built Modules 

CodeIgniter supports modularity and allows the creation of reusable code for the web development project. The modular structure works like small applications within the main application. However, on the downside, the CodeIgniter framework has limited in-built features. So, developers need to go for custom CodeIgniter extensions. The Laravel framework also supports the Modular structure. Laravel has various in-built modules necessary for creating powerful websites and apps. For example, the Laravel MVC framework comes with an inbuilt unit testing tool for streamlined code development.

Winner – Laravel

CodeIgniter vs Laravel – Secure Code Development

The CodeIgniter PHP framework supports various third-party tools necessary for the smooth testing of the developed code. The framework supports SQL injection, cross-site scripting attacks, and remote code execution. So, one can quickly develop high-quality code using the CodeIgniter framework. 

On the other hand, the Laravel framework has an in-built unit testing feature named PHPUnit. The framework also has handy SQL injection, cross-site scripting, & code-authentication features which facilitates secured code development. The best Laravel development agency can easily create a secured web app for any business enterprise.

Winner – Laravel

Which One To Choose Between These Two PHP Frameworks?

Both CodeIgniter and Laravel are excellent options as leading PHP frameworks. However, choosing one over the other needs one to weigh down the project requirements.

Choose the CodeIgniter framework when:

  • Building simple websites
  • The application or the website needs to be lightweight
  • High-speed performance is a requisite for the developed website

Choose the Laravel framework when:

  • Building simple or complex websites and apps
  • The web app needs a data-driven database
  • You want to use the PHP framework for both the frontend and backend development

Wrapping Up

That was all about the two PHP development frameworks Laravel vs. CodeIgniter. By now, you can easily choose the best one for your web app development project. At Laravel Wizard, we offer top-notch web and app development services. We also provide Laravel support for existing websites and apps. We customize our support plans to help your business with unique needs and services at an affordable budget.


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