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Why Choose Laravel for your next web app development?

Laravel is a robust open-source PHP web application framework that simplifies complex coding. With an MVC design pattern, components from other PHP frameworks are reused to build practical and functional applications without the need for tedious code writing. Developers highly commend this PHP laravel framework for its elegant syntax, making development faster while maintaining high-quality […]

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Laravel Package Development: A Technical Step-by-step Guide

Are you a Laravel enthusiast ready to take your skill set up a notch? Then why not learn how to create packages for the framework? If that sounds interesting, then this tutorial is what you need.  If you’ve already created some great apps with this impressive framework, why not enter the world of creating reusable […]

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Magento vs. Laravel: What is better for an eCommerce store?

Choosing the best framework for your online store is a tricky task. Many suitable options are available, including Laravel, Magento, Shopify, and Woocommerce. It’s easier to choose between a good and a bad choice for developing eCommerce websites. However, choosing the best of two excellent frameworks for advanced eCommerce solutions is a difficult task.  Magento […]

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Tips to Prepare your eCommerce Website for Black Friday Sales

Online Shoppers browse several websites and web pages before making the final decision. This practice becomes more celebrated during the sales seasons leading to sudden spikes in website traffic. Thus, scalability has become a significant aspect of businesses worldwide. Lack of scalability is among the primary reasons behind the high bounce rate, poor UX, and […]

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Laravel Security: 7 Major Features You Must Know

Laravel is a well-known development framework noted for its efficiency and existing user base. Even though Laravel is relatively safe, there is no such thing as a 100% secure framework. For hackers, accessing an unsecured platform is not a huge concern.  Make sure you adhere to the Laravel security best practices to reduce all security […]

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