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How Laravel Ecommerce Development Makes A Profit Making Biz?

Laravel eCommerce development has made it possible to dream of a business that generates big duffle bags of profit.

An all-in-one platform with unmatched functionalities, powerful tools enabling never-ending possibilities. We must say that acquiring even some basic knowledge of Laravel and its benefits for eCommerce business can bring your dream into existence.

This efficient & lightweight framework has so much potential that above 20 million websites are empowered by its amazingness.

However, it is undeniable that an eCommerce website needs something extra in its arsenal than an average website to succeed today.

Moreover, we are affirmative to tell you that Laravel has that ‘something extra’ in it to make your eCommerce business a profit-making machine.

Read till the last, and you’ll get your answers of – HOW?

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What proves Laravel is best for e-commerce development?

Laravel is the 2nd most popular framework in several European countries. Its utmost flexibility to incorporate anything as per your needs make it a favourite platform among eCommerce owners worldwide.

Your e-commerce business needs to scale itself with time. Otherwise, obsoletion is the inevitable truth your business wouldn’t survive. Adding more features, building large-scale web applications that can satisfy your customers’ desires is all neatly possible with Laravel e-commerce development.

Besides all its marvellous features, an enlarged community is a plus point of Laravel. More than 47,000 artisans are working passionately, making it a stable & trouble-free platform for Laravel web application design & development companies.

Laravel framework is one of the best things that has happened in the PHP world. Nonetheless, there’s a myth that it is used by only big companies and for big commerce/projects.

Well, we don’t deny it, but Laravel indeed is a reason behind some huge & successful e-commerce companies, such as:-

  • Ratio (Fintech Company in the UK that has helped over 12M users in finding the right financial product)
  • About You (One of Europe’s biggest e-commerce companies with a valuation of over 1 Billion USD)
  • PedidosYa (Food ordering & delivery service connecting more than 15K restaurants with millions of users across 400 cities)
  • TourRadar (Online marketplace for travellers offering 1M tour departures & around 500 tour operators)
  • Crowdcube (Counted among the world’s leading equity crowdfunding platforms with registered investors beyond 7.6 Lakhs on top of 800 British businesses funded)

Despite this, Laravel also has enough juice to power up SMEs of all sizes & budgets. It can build your business a user-friendly dashboard offering features, such as – Agile single page checkout, cross-selling, discounts, coupons, logistics, threat proof digital payment gateways, AI analytics, intelligent suggestions, and much more.

Even though the list of reasons is never-ending when explains why you should pick Laravel for an e-commerce shop, these are some highlighted benefits for you to consider Laravel as your e-commerce development framework.

10 benefits of Laravel eCommerce development that grow your business magically

Solid architecture for reliable security

The significance of a secure architecture in the e-commerce industry is literally hard to explain with a few words. Expert studies suggest how using an inadequate framework with vulnerable architecture can damage your brand value, customer relationship, customer data, monetary processes, and much more.

Fortunately, Laravel comes with specialized security tools such as XSS & SQL injections for rock-solid protection against coding & cyber threats. In addition to this, developers can create encrypted passwords using the Bcrypt hashing algorithm in Laravel.

E-commerce development on Laravel’s architecture also protects your website from anomalies. It neutralizes the DDoS attacks that can cost an average enterprise a loss of $39,707 per hour.

Another relieving benefit of Laravel e-commerce development is the ‘Guards’ it inserts to verify users’ requests. Laravel’s built-in system compares the user’s new request with the already saved one in their session and marks the new request as invalid by taking no further action if it doesn’t match the saved one.

Supercharged Store Performance

According to Google Page Insights, an e-commerce store can lose 40% of unique traffic if it takes above two seconds to load. It means that performance is everything when you own an e-commerce business.

Don’t stress; there are a few tools available that help you optimize a Laravel based online store:-

CDN: Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a Laravel component used for increasing web apps’ speed. It provides ultra-fast data transmission from and to the servers, allowing your content to reach the broader audience at lightning speed.

PHP-FPM: This one is a market standard tool for optimizing PHP based applications’ speed. Developers can integrate it with your Laravel e-commerce store to boost its performance unbelievably.

Redis: App cache can negatively impact your store’s loading speed. When developers integrate Redis in your Laravel e-commerce emporium, then it mitigates the cache loading time of your app, improving the holistic performance of your site/store.

However, even without all these tools, Laravel solely provides a comparatively faster speed because of its MVC (Model-View-Controller).

Effortless Testing & Quick Maintenance

Unlike other PHP frameworks, testing & debugging becomes effortless with Laravel. It makes the processes quite efficient by saving developers’ time. They can quickly stamp the code & database using Laravel’s PHP Unit.

Though Laravel makes the entire fixation procedure easy, it’s always advisable to avoid technical contingencies by hiring the services of Laravel certified support & maintenance experts.

Furthermore, Laravel’s Model View Controller (MVC) based architecture helps in easy separation of logic & presentation, making your e-commerce store scalable and more inclined towards accepting the new features.

Self Sufficient & Cost Saving

Never let budget constraints drag your business down the charts of your competition. Thousands of small & medium enterprises worldwide blame budget limitations as the reason behind their e-commerce failures. This ideology doesn’t come from the lack of resources, rather lack of knowledge.

A self-sufficient e-commerce development framework like Laravel doesn’t rely on third-party resources & apps to provide distinctive features until it is manually wished for. It is self-loaded with impressive features and permits the creation & deployment of web applications with no downtime and comparatively deflated costs.

Overall, a Laravel e-commerce development saves vast sums of development money, which you can utilize in marketing & other necessary stuff.

Better personalization with ready-made packages & OOP libraries

As we said, Laravel is best if your wish to move things as you want. Like every top PHP framework, it also comes with pre-installed libraries built using Object Oriented Programming concepts.

That is why when you opt for Laravel e-commerce development; you can expect a feature-packed website/store to appear as its outcome. These OOP libraries fasten up the process of adding unique & personalized features to your e-commerce shop.

Furthermore, these ready-made Laravel packages make your business enjoy high-value processes such as Omni channel support, self-analyzation, long-ranged scalability, etc.

These packages and libraries are absolutely free to use. Still, to get some extra personal touch, you can check out Laravel custom module development services that bring you one step ahead of your rivals.

Intelligent SEO Functionalities

Broadly known as Search Engine Optimization, it is one of the most pivotal aspects needed to buy success for your e-commerce business. According to HubSpot, 61% of marketers trust SEO as the best practice for inbound marketing. Still, many online sellers sideline this high-value activity considering it frugal for their business.

Running an e-commerce store established on Laravel aids your business in endless ways. Because the framework is loyal to SEO, it helps you create SEO friendly URLs, SEO friendly response speed, SEO friendly offerings, and much more.

As a result of it, Google indexes your website fast and ranks it among the top keyword search results. You know what happens when your e-commerce website ranks top. Better branding, improved sales, and increased customer loyalty are only a few benefits from SEO’s long list of positive outcomes.

Proactive Communication Channels

George Bernard Shaw once said – “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place”.

Good communication is the key to retain your customers for life. Your patrons want you to be a brand that answers their queries and makes them feel essential by communicating their everyday needs, desires and favourite trends.

Also, a recent customer frustration survey shows an opportunity for e-commerce businesses to end their competition by being a lovable brand with effective communication tactics.

Laravel is a dynamic system that provides you with seamless & proactive modes of communication. It smoothly incorporates everything from web content, live chat, Social Media to Email, SMS, and Tele calling.

By choosing Laravel e-commerce development, you can finally put a halt to poor communication. Its vast capabilities for developing robust content management systems keep your communication channels jitter-free and your customers practically satisfied.

Slick & Risk-free Migration

We don’t believe in hiding the truth. Upgrading and migrating your e-commerce store from another platform to Laravel based e-commerce development is entirely safe, only if seasoned experts do it.

We are alarming you because businesses often choose novice developers to migrate their store at a low price, which results in data breaches, extended downtime, data loss, damage to search engine rankings, etc.

Though Laravel is an optimised platform, risk-free migration is possible only if it is done by Laravel certified developers, especially those doing this job for a minimum of 8+ years.

Scalable with trends & harmonise with third-party integrations

Trends are an unstoppable part of our generation and are crucial to match for an e-commerce business. The good thing about Laravel e-commerce store development is that it is scalable. You can get your developers to install advanced features and functionalities that help your store be consistent with the emerging trends.

By the same token, an e-commerce website sometimes needs to rely on third-party tools. Clearly, to stitch a better shopping experience for their visitors. So, whether your website needs a payment gateway system like PayPal or Stripe, or any smartly engineered marketing analytics tool, Laravel is the back you can reach to tap.

Its clean APIs accept third-party integrations so smoothly as if they were explicitly drawn for it.

Jumbo Traffic Handling

We know you adore high traffic. Who doesn’t? Better the traffic, better the sales, and better would be the revenue. But, do you know, almost 88% of new e-commerce stores are operating with an unchecked traffic handling capacity. Just imagine! How prone these stores are to crashing before serving high traffic with enlarged revenue opportunities.

The reason for the crash could be different for each website or store. Like recently, Amazon’s popular web hosting service ‘S3’ servers went down and crashed multiple big traffic sites like Quora, Trello and IFTTT for above four hours.

A Laravel developed e-commerce site is in the safe zone here. Since the framework uses a unique message queue system, it postpones unnecessary & time-consuming website activities running in the background and make your website capable of handling jumbo traffic waves.

It not only keeps your website’s server stable but also reduce your long term hosting costs.

Quick expert advice!

Laravel is a framework of the future. If you have the vision to scale your business and expand your horizon with more products & services, then no doubt you should go with Laravel.

Understand it like this. An e-commerce store is like a car on a never-ending road trip. It will sometimes break down, require servicing, experts’ guidance, performance tweaks, and optimization.

To ensure a smooth & progressive journey for your e-commerce store, you should get a certified Laravel e-commerce development company by your side.

Whether it is about support & maintenance, custom module development, expert consultations, updation/upgradation, or personalized solutions, you can trust Laravel Wizard for our Laravel focused e-commerce services.

Need a 10+ year experienced quote on how to make profit-making e-commerce biz with Laravel? Drop a line here.

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