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Everything You Need to Know About Laravel Framework

Laravel is a handy framework that simplifies web related tasks like routing, authentication, sessions, and caching. According to the BuiltWith report, globally 150,496 websites used Laravel in 2019.

Wondering if Laravel is appropriate for your business or not? The image below shows the industry verticals of Laravel usage.

Intuitiveness, accessibility, scalability, easy unit testing, routing, caching and various other features makes Laravel to the top list of the developers. In this blog, we will illustrate the benefits of Laravel framework and how it can be beneficial for businesses.

Why Does Laravel Framework Stand Out From Other PHP Frameworks?

Easy Notification Emails
Mail service integration is another benefit that Laravel provides. Laravel provides support for various notification email services like Mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, Amazon SES, SendMail, etc. This way you can send out email through local or cloud-based service quickly. Laravel also supports markdown in email templates that lets you create notification emails in a fraction of time.

Laravel is highly known for its unbeatable security level. It offers CSRF tokens that check each request on the POST and protect from someone who might change POST to GET the request thus making it more secure.

Easy and Simple Interface
With the help of Laravel, you can build a multilingual application with a flexible custom user interface. This will enhance user engagement and increase the conversion rate rapidly.

Better Performance
Laravel has a faster backend caching feature that helps in smooth functioning of the application. Laravel commands can abstract even the complex functionalities. 

How Laravel Development is Beneficial for eCommerce Businesses?

Inbuilt Libraries
Laravel is the framework that facilitates dynamic pre-installed and object oriented libraries. Besides offering hassle-free implementation, it also contains various features like watchword reset,  checking dynamic clients, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) insurance, and encryption. Additionally, a helper functionality in Laravel supports to achieve various basic undertakings i.e.firing events,  generating views, sending HTTP responses to the server etc. 

Artisan Commands
Artisan is the command-line interface for Laravel and helps developers to automate various tasks. It is useful in creating a model, controller, database seeder, migrating the database, and more. This command can be used within the application, and developers can also create additional artisan commands.

Easy third-party integration
Laravel simplifies third party integration with your ecommerce store. The framework offers clean APIs to integration with payment systems like Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, Blockchain Wallet API, and much more.

Enhanced Performance
Site Performance is a crucial factor that affects growth of your business. With loads of products on your website, the loading time may fluctuate, here’s when Laravel comes to the rescue. It works on the Model – View – Controller architecture, which enhances site performance, ensures clarity and allows for better documentation. Laravel also simplifies database indexing, memory use reduction, and other speed optimization techniques.

Unprecedented Security
Dealing with online payments is quite challenging for ecommerce businesses. You cannot afford to risk your customer’s data and money. Laravel keeps your database intact by protecting it against cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and SQL injection, so your database always stays intact. Great user authentication, password hashing, and restricted access features makes Laravel highly safe and secure in comparison to other PHP frameworks.

Wrapping Up:

Laravel is an exclusive framework that combines all the unique features to simplify your web tasks. If you are looking for companies who provide best laravel development services, then you are the right place. Our Laravel experts inclined towards creating high-performance PHP websites for smoother workflows and enhanced value to businesses.




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