Laravel Module Development

To scale, extend, and amplify the capabilities of your app

Advanced Laravel Modules & Package Development Services

Laravel Modules, also known as packages, are reusable classes to add more functionality to your Laravel app. Our certified developers are experienced in Laravel module development, views, comprise controllers, routes, and configuration, to create custom packages that empower your app with functional abilities like user verification, OAuth authentication, slugging, captcha validation, etc.

We will tailor your website according to the needs of your development project. With our experts on board, we can ensure that when it's complete there is nothing left out in terms or functionality; every element has been considered carefully so all relevant matters are taken care off at once.

Benefits of PHP Modules & extensions

  • Enable better outreach with Laravel's cross-functional browser adaptability.
  • Save time & effort by being easy to embed in your app.
  • No-intricacy & pretty straightforward to understand.
  • Open-source packages allow cost-efficient development.
  • Negligible to null data breaches due to robust security system.
  • Whack your competitors staying up-to-date with tech trends.
  • Unaffected app's performance, being light in weight.
  • Easier to maintain & update with new feature-set.

Got a Project in mind? Let’s work together and make it happen.

Technologies and Tools

We are committed to serving you with the exceptional regardless of the industry, scale and position.

  • Bitbucket Bitbucket
  • Jquery Jquery
  • MySql My SQL
  • Ajax Ajax
  • PHP Storm PHP Storm

Take a Look at Some of Our Laravel Projects

Take an look at some of our clients whose business solutions have been built using Laravel

  • Navigation Gadgets

    Navigation Gadgets

    Plugin Integration, HD Rotating banners

    Laravel Wizard was approached by Navigation Gadgets, a leading name in navigation solution providers, to develop a comprehensive e-commerce website.

    The post Navigation Gadgets appeared first on Laravel Wizard latest Blog , Updates and tips of laravel.

    Navigation Gadgets

    Plugin Integration, HD Rotating banners
  • Debito


    Design & Development, Quick Loading Elements, Chat Client Integration

    The website has been integrated with a Laravel powered Admin panel for a complete control over the site activities. The administrator can manage all the front-end actions along with user account related requests for a better client-user engagement.

    The post Debito appeared first on Laravel Wizard latest Blog , Updates and tips of laravel.


    Design & Development, Quick Loading Elements, Chat Client Integration
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Why Choose Us for Laravel Module Development

Because we never tried becoming the jack of all technologies. Instead, focused only on one and established ourselves as India's top Laravel specialists.

Single Point of Contact

Single Point of Contact

We don't trust mediators. Hence, we serve our clients directly, maintaining a single point of contact.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Your idea, secrets, and data will all be 100% insured through our company's signed NDA

Dedicated Team

Laravel Certified Dedicated Teamm

Whether primitive or advanced, each project you bring to us will be taken care of by a dedicated team of qualified developers.

Flexible Hiring Model

Flexible Hiring Model

Allowing total control in your hands, each hiring model we offer is flexible as per your needs & demands.

Transparency throughout Project

100% Transparency throughout Project

With regular updates, weekly conferences, and monthly reports, our team keeps you on the same page of progress.

Agile Development Approach

Agile Development Approach

We break each project into smaller chunks! And keep the entire process organized following the agile development approach.

Frequently Asked Questions to our Lavavel Developers

  • What is package development in Laravel?

    Packages are a way to add functionality to Laravel. There are different types of packages. Packages can help work with dates like Carbon or associating files with Eloquent models.

  • What are PHP packages?

    A PHP extension is a specially formed library or plug-in that provides a function many applications can use.

  • How many packages are in Laravel?

    There are over 500 Laravel packages that offer all sorts of different functionality.

  • Once my project is complete, how long will you provide support and maintenance services?

    Expert developers at Laravel Wizard offer 60 days of free support post-project completion. Not just this, we follow agile methodology to maintain 100% workflow transparency and professional communication with their clients.