Direct Artists

Direct Artists is the perfect way to find and support talented artists. The user can browse, select and purchase artwork in just one click.

About Project

The online art-buying platform, Direct Artists is a medium that connects shoppers with ingenious artists. The website possesses a searchable database of paintings, styles, and techniques that helps you find the perfect piece to decorate your home or workplace as desired.

The client contacted us as they wanted a website that attracts youth. With our creative minds at work, we made the client’s website ooze with youth energy. We fixed the website’s bugs, worked on design and module integration, optimized it for performance, and searched Google to ensure that your business appears within the top rankings. Our team did some performance tweaks, which gave us delight. It felt like a special project to work on.

What We Did

  • Design
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Website Development

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