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Top 5 Challenges of a modern CTO & how IT outsourcing solve them

A modern CTO is expected to be a jack of all trades. The days when they were just responsible for the IT infrastructure are gone. Today, they are expected to be on the ball as an all-inclusive IT development company.

Besides facing challenges of balancing the need for business innovation while maintaining a secure IT infrastructure, they need to know the business, have creative ideas, and communicate with all levels of management, from senior executives down to frontline staff.

Thence, it’s no surprise that many are searching for IT outsourcing solutions to help them achieve these goals.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why so many CTOs are seeking out outsourced IT services and how they free up your time so you can focus on what you do best – leading the company in new directions!

Cisco Systems states that “Today’s Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) have become Chief Innovation Officers.”

With more than half of all global companies reporting an increase in revenue directly attributed to new products or service offerings developed by their R&D departments, it’s difficult not to see how crucial it is for CTOs to foster creativity within their organizations.

In fact, WhatsApp, Alibaba, Slack, and Skype all chose dedicated developers in other time zones to help them create the platforms we know today.

So, let’s check out the top 5 most common challenges of a modern CTO & how IT outsourcing companies like us help tackle them.

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1)Recruiting & monitoring the growth of IT specialists

In order to be a successful CTO, you need more than just technical knowledge. One of the essential skills for any IT expert is recruiting and retaining employees who can help with growing technology needs within an organization while still remaining committed themselves as well!

Besides recruiting for a highly specialized field like web application development & mobile app development, monitoring your team’s growth is another intricate task CTO’s has to go through.

How does IT outsourcing help?

One way that IT outsourcing can help in recruiting and monitoring the growth of an organization’s tech specialists is by providing more flexibility for your company.

Instead of hiring people who might not meet future needs, you can outsource those who can undertake responsibilities so they don’t become a burden on what few available resources you have inside or outside its walls.

Moreover, IT outsourcing has turned out to be a wise investment for many companies. It allows you to focus on more important things, like growing revenue or customer satisfaction, rather than tech support issues that could have been easily avoided through proper planning and oversight from the start.

Besides, outsourced employees are always reliable because they’ve seen how much work needs doing in each department before managing them accordingly, so no one gets overworked while still achieving good results- this way, everyone wins!

It also saves money since hiring new staff isn’t necessary if we already have someone who knows what needs fixing when something goes wrong.



2) Ensuring the company has the right IT tools, Infrastructure, & System to function productively.

The need for an IT director or a CTO is only made more critical in today’s day and age. They often stay at the forefront of innovation with so much on their plate.

However, with the rise of automation, it’s no longer enough for them to just have employees with technical knowledge.

They also need to ensure that all company members — from product designers and engineers to management-level employees– are equipped with the necessary tools for any given project or idea to become a reality.

These sort of time-consuming tasks often split their focus from necessary tasks and affect their productivity.

How does IT outsourcing help?

IT outsourcing is important for C-level executives to ensure that their company has access and control over its technology needs.

By partnering with a third party, IT professionals can focus on what they do best by having experts manage day-to-day operations in areas such as hardware procurement or data center management, ultimately freeing up more time for development projects.

In today’s economy, it can often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day! Time spent managing equipment purchases might be better allocated towards building products instead – which could generate much greater financial returns down the road if done correctly from the start (and avoided any initial costs).

Outsourcing companies, in general, ensure that no matter what happens internally with an employee’s computer ability level, there will always be someone available as a backup outside of one’s network–ensuring maximum workforce productivity!


3) Ensuring Data Security is top-notch across all platforms.

It’s a difficult task for any C-level executive, but the pressure can really mount when you’re in charge. How do they find time between fighting fires and managing staff?

A CTO may be in charge of securing data, but that doesn’t mean they can secure it across all platforms. The problem is whether or not these people know what information should be protected and how to protect their own passwords from becoming compromised due to an outside threat like hacking, Trojans, Phishing, etc.

In order to be successful, data security needs a team effort. CTOs need someone who can work with every member of their company on the same page regarding privacy and confidentiality regulations.

And that someone could simultaneously ensure that all platforms are protected from potential vulnerabilities or hacks within each system they use for storing important customer information like credit card numbers.

How does IT outsourcing help?

An IT outsourcing company protects your company’s data by verifying that your internal resources aren’t unintentionally compromising it to competitors because this negatively impacts revenue streams.

They also work closely with finance teams- with similar interests in preventing financial loss due to errors made during payment processing infrastructure implementations.

IT outsourcing companies find creative ways to secure your precious resources. They implement multiple layers of security to protect against external threats like hackers and malware infections, which are prone to attack any company’s system, which is unfortunate enough to have an effective cyber defense strategy set up already.

They also ensure data security across all platforms by employing cybersecurity engineers to monitor network traffic 24/7, preventing suspicious activity before it gets too far down the pipeline.


4) Oversee trends in the tech industry so their company can stay ahead of the curve.

CTOs are the company’s eyes and ears. To keep the organization ahead in this ever-changing era of technology, they have a huge responsibility of overseeing the trends and ensuring that the firm and their personal success are not falling behind by any technological advancements.

You know! They can’t let the tech slip through their fingers.

However, as easy it sounds, it isn’t actually. They already have so much responsibility, not just themselves and management, but also the other layers below them like engineering teams who can make or break these plans- if something isn’t working out as expected, it could become very costly!

In addition, CTOs also require to be knowledgeable about different technologies in order not only to understand but also utilize them adequately for their company’s benefit.

This much noise to handle while keeping their ears open for trends can create an insane amount of pressure on the CTO, resulting in degraded innovation.

How does IT outsourcing help?

Tides may be changing, but it’s clear that businesses still rely on their information technology department for many things—from implementing new software programs and updates to managing email accounts.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways outsourcing this responsibility can help you save money while giving your employees more time off work than they would otherwise have access to (and we’re not talking about maternity leave here).

Outsourcing companies are in the know when it comes to trends. They keep getting updated with new technologies and current trending software, so you can rest assured your business will be on top of all changes ahead of time rather than being left behind like a heel-flanked horseman from medieval knights armor clanking as he rides by into battle.

These IT agencies have talented resources specializing in various technology areas like Web/App development, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Hence, companies do not need to worry about where they’re going wrong when it comes down to critical network issues!


5) Excellent analytical skills to solve complex problems.

Another big challenge for CTOs is that they are expected to have excellent analytical skills to solve challenging and complex problems.

From cybersecurity breaches to data protection measures to developing new features as an appropriate response when customers need help, these tech leaders are pressured to be innovative for their company’s success.

After all, they’re the ones leading technical innovation efforts that will shape the future of business as we know it!

They need to work in tandem with developers, project managers, UX designers, and data scientists – all stakeholders who have input on a solution or feature before it’s implemented into an app or a website.

Now, we aren’t saying it is an extra bang on their heads, but ever imagined how delegating these time-consuming analytical tasks could speed up their core work?

How does IT Outsourcing help?

The IT outsourcing industry has made rapid progress in recent years. It is now more valuable than ever to have a company that can help analyze complex data quickly and accurately, whether for business or personal use cases.

These outsourcing IT companies assist CTOs in solving complex analytical problems. It’s a win-win situation: Outsourced services are cheaper and more efficient than internal ones. They also help solve business challenges with data analysis that would have been too difficult to do on your own or marshal resources for without this type of collaboration.

Moreover, you get an outside perspective that could lead towards innovation by bringing fresh ideas into play and reducing time wasted doing menial tasks such as significant rekeying information across various desks within different departments.

10 tips experts follow for hiring an IT outsourcing partner

  1. They pick an established company with a proven track record.
  2. They check their size & infrastructure to handle your workload.
  3. They request a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  4. They view their certifications & accreditations.
  5. They review their disaster recovery plan.
  6. They check the company’s customer reviews & question the negative ones.
  7. They verify their data & threat security measures.
  8. They ask about their project support services. Is it 24×7 or just business hours?
  9. They deeply analyze their pricing models.
  10. They do not hesitate in asking for additional benefits beyond IT services.

Summing up!

When you outsource your IT, you free up time to focus on the things that matter most – leading innovation and developing new ideas

As a modern CTO, you need to be knowledgeable in many business areas, including finance, operations management, and strategic planning.

This means if there is an issue with your company’s servers or even a simple web design project goes awry, then the buck stops at your desk.

A reliable outsourced IT partner like Laravel Wizard will have answers when you need them so that a CEO, CTO, or senior executive of any level within your organization can sleep soundly, knowing their team has everything under control!

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