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Why Choose Laravel for your next web app development?

Laravel is a robust open-source PHP web application framework that simplifies complex coding. With an MVC design pattern, components from other PHP frameworks are reused to build practical and functional applications without the need for tedious code writing. Developers highly commend this PHP laravel framework for its elegant syntax, making development faster while maintaining high-quality programming functionalities.

Laravel provides an intuitive and expressive interface for a hassle-free website creation experience. It deploys renowned security measures to assure users of protection from web attacks, making it one of the most sought-after development platforms available today.

Stats about Laravel

The well-known PHP tech stack has grown in prominence in the development sector. Over 744,615 live websites use laravel. Laravel is also the most popular software framework among developers in 2022.

With hundreds of PHP frameworks, deciding which is the best can be difficult. Fortunately, GitHub provides helpful metrics that allow us to identify the most popular among them: Laravel tops this list as a robust, high-performance framework.


According to a Stack Overflow study, Laravel is popular as a framework and is preferred by 10.12% of developers.  


Top brand names and apps using Laravel

Many companies use Laravel because it helps them create websites and apps quickly. This saves time and money in the long run. Most people use Laravel for eCommerce purposes. Some of the companies that use Laravel are 

  • 9GAG.
  • Pfizer.
  • BBC.
  • PedidosYa.
  • About you.
  • Ratio.
  • TourRadar.
  • Crowdcube.

Why choose the Laravel PHP framework?

Laravel streamlines development by providing out-of-the-box tools, 

  • Authentication system
  • Eloquent ORM for database management
  • Artisan CLI with pre-built commands 
  • MVC architecture
  • Homestead virtual development environment
  • Automated tests

It has a robust modular packaging system with a Composer dependency manager, including ready-to-use code for advanced web app features.

Is Laravel suitable for big projects?

With its robust and reliable architecture, Laravel enables companies to build large-scale web applications with enhanced stability and scalability. It is open source, so it offers great flexibility in customizing features and incorporating third-party solutions when needed. In addition, it’s supported by a vibrant community of PHP developers who are constantly advancing the platform. Furthermore, Built-in into the framework are automated tests that help maintain codebases without third-party testing tools.

Can Laravel apps scale?

With Laravel, you can create scalable apps using the framework’s built-in support for distributed cache systems. It allows developers to deploy their apps on multiple servers with a load balancer in front of them, allowing excellent horizontal scalability. More stringent scaling requirements can be achieved by setting up your app infrastructure on Vapor, explicitly designed for Laravel projects.

Is Laravel still relevant in 2023?

As PHP remains the go-to language for many developers to build and maintain websites, Laravel as a framework is still highly relevant in 2023. This powerful framework offers robust security measures that help reduce vulnerabilities during development. Additionally, Laravel’s intuitive syntax and easy-to-follow coding practices significantly reduce development time while cutting down on costs, making it an attractive choice when looking at projects from a technical and financial perspective. With continuous support from its large community of users worldwide, there’s no doubt that Laravel will remain indispensable for years to come.  

Which Laravel Version to use?

If you’re looking for a reliable and feature-rich PHP framework, the latest version of Laravel is your best bet. As of Feb 2022, the newest version is Laravel 9. It possesses a Minimum PHP 8 Requirement, Anonymous Stub Migration, New Query Builder Interface, PHP 8 String Functions, and more valuable features.

Challenges of hiring a Laravel developer

Finding a dependable Laravel web developer can be difficult. With the continually growing popularity of this dynamic framework, it is crucial to ensure any candidates you are considering come with the experience and expertise your project needs for success.

If you hire Laravel developer, they can be a great asset to your company. However, given the specific skill set required for working with this framework, locating an ideal candidate may prove difficult. Although this is not a complex framework to work with, implementing it on larger scale enterprises requires a thorough understanding of the software, as the implementation is slightly challenging to incorporate.

Why Hire an expert from Laravel Wizard?

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In a nutshell

Overall, Laravel is a perfect pick for any size web development project. Laravel has a plethora of functionalities that can be beneficial to businesses. Laravel is robust and stable, which means the web development process will be completed on time and without any significant failings imposed by the framework.

The template engine is basic yet powerful, making complex layouts simple to develop. Furthermore, the Laravel framework includes built-in security and authentication mechanisms that keep the data safe and secure. Wait no more and hire Laravel Developers to get your web projects custom-made. Get in touch with our professionals today. 


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