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The Definitive Guide To Hire A Laravel Developer That Never Fails

Considering the technological advancements of 2022, it’s exciting that PHP frameworks are still undergoing a massive trend while developing web apps, static & dynamic websites. But did you ever think, why among all PHP frameworks, Laravel is the go-to-choice of developers?

Laravel’s MVC (Model View Controller) based architecture makes it a feature-rich language that allows developers to enjoy its easy & powerful syntax without any stretch. No wonder market often stays in high demand for Certified Laravel developers.

If your business also requires one, and you are constantly scrolling, tapping, and moving across the chapel white sheets of the search engine to find the ideal Laravel developer for your enterprise, then keep following this definitive guide till the end.

We have covered everything so precisely here that even if you are from a non-technical background with zero ideas about what Laravel is, you’ll still sail through with perfect solutions.

Table of Contents

Laravel is an open-source framework founded by Taylor Otwell in August 2011 to propose a better alternative to the Codelgniter framework. It is architectured on an MVC pattern, which allows it to reuse the existing components of multiple frameworks for designing a well-structured & empirical web application.

Laravel is beloved among the communities of web developers because of its easy-to-implement functions & methods. Being rich in features, light in weight, and for offering stable code execution, Laravel is known to be a brilliant choice for boosted web development.

The framework is also a massive time saver & serves as a messiah for those planning to build a website from scratch. Moreover, a website built in Laravel is secure & invulnerable to vicious web attacks.

Who is Laravel Developers, and How are they in so demand?

A Laravel Developer is simply a software developer with extensive knowledge & specialization in the Laravel framework. Nowadays, with the rising trend, the demand for Laravel developers is above the sky.

Anyway, a Laravel Developer can create intuitive, scalable, reliable, & at the same time well-crafted websites. But what sets them apart is their adherence to the Laravel framework, using which they build highly functional web applications that elevates user experience.

Why Should Every Company Hire Laravel Developers in 2022?

Considering the valuable skills they hone, Laravel Developers can bring immeasurable value to your team of web & app developers. Here’s how:-

  • Laravel developers can provide you a complete integration & customization of web apps.
  • Laravel developers with profound knowledge are agile and provide lasting solutions without any quality or efficiency loss.
  • Configuring & implementing authentication processes are surprisingly easy for developers using Laravel.
  • Bringing built-in object-oriented libraries into action, Laravel developers can integrate premium features into your digital solutions.
  • Laravel developers are usually smart-minded and aware of avoiding redundant tasks using Artisan (Command-line tool).
  • Laravel developers also enable your web applications to incorporate multi-language support.
  • Laravel developers use the power of their favorite framework in building your web apps prone to any threats, cyber-attacks, and unanticipated obstructions.

Steps To Ensure Before Hiring Laravel Developers

#1 Know your project requirements

Before starting your hunt, you must know your hunger. Similarly, understand & jot down everything you know about your projects along with their requirements. It is necessary because before you explain and demand, you must wholly figure out what to ask. It brings precision in planning and eliminates any forthcoming conflict in the very early stages of your relations with the developer.

#2 Have a clear picture of what functionalities you want

Knowing your purpose is the basis of any project. Companies usually don’t know how exactly they want their product to function at the end, which causes blurriness and results in undefined goals. Hence, every business must have a clear picture of how they want their projects to function, so as to bring the other person to walk in their shoes.

#3 Evaluate the past performance

It is extremely important to know about the developers you are interviewing. What they have done, and how they have done that. Primarily, to evaluate their real performance, you should demand a peek inside these:-

Portfolio:Every well-aligned developer owns a portfolio to present. Being an interviewer, you should anxiously examine their work. It will help you predict their future performance.

During this process, you might come across two categories of developers: Niche & Multi-Niche. A niche developer is well-versed in industry-specific knowledge, but a multi-niche developer knows the best design and can deliver you an extensive range of web designs.


Feedback is that part of our life, which if helps to improve, then also helps to identify reality. You must never hesitate while requesting testimonials from developers. Even a smarter way to do this is by checking their LinkedIn & GitHub profiles. Performing this act will help you gain a better perspective about their skills, professionalism, and overall experience.

#4 Finalize the cost & time they take

Every business is aware of this factor’s importance, still many neglects this in the urge of hiring sooner. In addition to the fixed cost that needs to be discussed between both parties, an estimated timeline for project deliveries must also be known while hiring the developer. This will keep your developer attentive to their commitments, and your services uncompromised.

#5 Warranty & support after the completion of a project

No project is completed without flaws in the first move. Therefore, to ensure optimum support after the completion, you should confirm with the developer whether they’ll be able to tackle support without anybody’s help. As they would have worked on the project, they would also be familiar with the entire code of it. Moreover, being an employer you should also get a warranty paper signed before hiring the developer.


Abilities to look while hiring a Laravel Developer

#1 Experience in working with an Assortment of projects

Laravel is a diversified language in itself. It is being used for developing revolutionary digital solutions in multiple industries such as entertainment, healthcare, eCommerce, etc. This signifies the importance of hiring a developer who has experience working on different projects in the past. Hiring such a candidate also assures ingenious results for your business.

#2 Attitude of keeping up with trends & updates

The core difference between a developer and a phenomenal developer is their frequency of evolving. Where an average developer sits on a seat for years without upgrading their skills, a phenomenal one always carries an attitude of moving with recent updates, tools, frameworks, and practices. Hiring a developer with such an attitude will promote efficiency in your business.

#3 A firm grip over web development

Besides Laravel & other front-end technologies, the developer you are trying to hire should have the technical know-how about various other project management frameworks, viz Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, etc. Furthermore, they should also have experience handling APIs, SOAP, Model View Controller, RESTful, and OOP. Besides, if cloud servers like AWS, Linode, and server administration tools like Apache, Nginx, are in their skill set, then it would bring an additional benefit to your business.

#4 Ability to evolve with changes

The benefit of scalability you receive with Laravel, also sometimes spells changes to pop up in between the development phase. Thereby you should hire a Laravel developer who is proficient enough to adapt and work with the unanticipated changes.

#5 Decent Communication & Soft Skills

Hiring an intelligently skilled Laravel developer will never benefit your firm if they are lacking much-required communication & soft skills. Good communication skills will help you feel burden less when your clients are directly approaching to communicate with your developers. Besides, their aptitude to work with the team, problem-solving skills, creative thinking, professional writing skills, and prowess to take criticism humbly, will also make them a long-term asset for your company.

Precautions to take while hiring a Laravel Developer

Hire Patiently

We all have heard that patience is the key to success. But, while hiring a candidate we urgently require, we forget this saying in a jiffy. To win a high-quality developer for your business, you must interview a handful first. Only then you will be able to compare, evaluate, and make an intelligent decision.

Don’t hunt for the cheapest

Never let affordability make you fall into its trap. Cheaper is rarely best nowadays. Let the product, and quality of its work decide the price for the job. Also, keeping an eye on your budget constraints is not a bad decision too, only if you are not considering the price alone.

Prevent hiring ‘One Man Army’ sorts

It is impressive to see one person with manifold skills, but if building a successful website or app is your motive, then you require a team. An interviewee continuously bragging about their sole performance, and highlighting their individual achievements without mentioning their team in previous enlarged projects, could face difficulty in adjusting with your current crew. These individuals appear a good package to hire, but you should smartly ensure what they think about teamwork and candidates persisting at a feeble level of skills.

Busiest ones aren’t the best ones

Except for developers, even if your search is for a Laravel development company in India to meet your ongoing requirements, then too never get fantasized by their tight schedules, the baggage of clients, and chock full offices. Ask their availability and sufficient time to work on your project. As it may result in slow deliveries in the end.

Top questions to ask while hiring a Laravel developer


Now, to make your hiring process more quality insurer, and chances of getting a mindful developer much higher, here are a handful of questions to ask while interviewing:-

Ques 1: How do you solve this ‘Particular Problem’?

You need to come up with a hypothetical or real issue, here. And, how tactically your interviewee engages with that problem will help you know their interest & expertise in their segment.

Ques 2: Can we use Laravel for Full Stack Development?

Everyone knows that Laravel is typically a backend language, but it surely can be used for creating Full-Stack web applications. Whereas the backend would be written in Laravel, and the frontend can be made using blade files or SPAs using Vue.js.

This question will help you check how conceptual your interviewee is.

Ques 3: How do you keep up with the latest & upcoming programming trends?

The motive of this question is not to check how many trends your interviewee is aware of, or how many languages they know. It’s to check what their attitude towards learning & self-growth is.

However, a valid answer for this would be – Independent research and brainstorming with co-workers.

Ques 4: What are relationships in Laravel?

Relationships in Laravel are as same as the relations in relational databases. There’s just a unique way in Laravel to define relations between models in the application.

Some of the varied Laravel relationships are:-

  • One to One
  • One to Many
  • Many to Many
  • Has Many Through
  • Has One Through
  • One to Many (Polymorphic)
  • Many to Many (Polymorphic)
  • One to Many (Polymorphic)

Ques 5: What problems you struck by while working with Laravel projects, and how did you solve them?

Most of the time, applicants flaunt their successful projects and how easily they came up with solutions. But, this question should get you to know the unique problems they encountered, and the real personality of the candidate while solving them.

Easy 7 Step Process to Hire A Competent Laravel Developer

Step 1: Finalize your project & requirements

This step is placed at first because it makes the rest of your further steps incredibly easy. What you need to do is list down all your requirements and mainstream goal, whether it is a short-term goal or a long-term goal. Then, the project and type of professionals you require, and further details that would bring clarity for your hiring person.

Step 2: Research-Research-Research

Hiring a Laravel developer or a development company from freelancing sites could be risky. You can’t completely rely on the authenticity of their shiny star ratings. Maybe they deserve those ratings due to their proficiency in some particular project, but this doesn’t guarantee the desired performance you are seeking out for your Laravel website development project. Hence, research and shortlist those only, whom experience & skills are aligning with the requirements of your project.

Step 3: Observe the communication going on

How they are communicating during the hiring process? How responsive they are to your mails, calls, or messages?

Are they giving any inputs? If they aren’t active during the recruitment process, how can you expect them to be during the development?

Acutely observe the communication process. Notice how things are going on. Does your idea or company sparks them, or is it just another project for them?

Step 4: Build mockups before your meeting

Don’t go to meet your applicant with just an idea in your head. Prepare proper documentation or mockup of the desired product or service you have in your mind. Multiple tools are available online to help you create designs and workflows, so you can explain your idea with more clarity.

Step 5: Ask for prototypes

To assure how firm your candidate is in their work, you can also ask if they are willing to do a prototype of the app. This would help you assess their work and anticipate their approach towards the big project & its complexities.

Step 6: Make an NDA

Your idea is unique and deserves to be kept a secret. Therefore, even if you have finalized a developer to be an integral part of your team, never carry the risk straight on your back.

Get an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) signed in the first place, to avoid any forbidden contingencies. Make sure your NDA includes all these terms:-

  • Can’t work on a similar idea for the next 2 years.
  • Can’t start another company with the same idea.
  • Can’t use or share parts of your code.
  • Can’t work with your competitors for the next 2 years.

Step 7: Scrutinize after hiring

Remember, we are talking here about the definitive guide to hire a Laravel developer that never fails. Therefore, you need to maintain the scrutiny even after the hiring is done. Schedule in-person weekly meetings, in-team brainstorming sessions, ask for regular reports, check how everyone is finding the performance of the new member on their team, and never hesitate to point out any spaces for improvement.

Where can you find & hire Laravel developers?

Whether you need to hire an individual Laravel developer, a troop of developers, or services of a well set upped Laravel development company in India, these below-given areas are best to look at:-

Online Job Sites

Even if you need someone to work part-time and get your Laravel website development project at an end, then also these sites are ideal to look through:-

  • GitHub Jobs
  • Hired
  • Clutch
  • Glassdoor
  • Upwork
  • Toptal
  • People Per Hour
  • Freelancer
  • Find Bacon
  • io

Online Developer Conferences

If your search is for someone, who is as passionate as you are about a particular technology, then attending online developer conferences is a great option for you. Simply swing through the web, and join an upcoming event to build new connections & hire passionate developers.

Social Media

One of the easiest, fun, and insightful way to hire a developer for your business is through Social Media. Walk the streets of LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Facebook Jobs, Telegram communities, and many more. Your single job posting on Social Media could get you tons of worthwhile applications.

Staffing Agencies & Paid Ads

Hiring a talent acquisition agency can take off the wholesome burden of your chest. With their professionals taking care of your candidate requirement, you can simply focus on working on your business, rather than working in it.

And if precision is what you want, then listing down your exact requirements like skill-set you want, maximum remuneration you can offer, working hours, etc., and running them over the internet via Social Media ads or Google ads can get you a great response from candidates you genuinely wanted. Unfortunately, this method could seem expensive to some.

Wrap Up

We believe whosoever has read this guide thoroughly, will hardly find any difficulty now in hiring a developer of any skillset.

Still, if there’s a little dilemma left behind, you want your time to be saved, and only true experts to look at your unique project, then nothing better would be than approaching a top-tier Laravel Development Company in India.

Each developer here is a minimum of four years experienced and is screened extensively for both technical & non-technical skills to lead your project towards successful completion, without leaving any marks behind.


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