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Why combine Vue.js with Laravel in web development for your business?

Every business is as unique as the idea behind it. Hence, it’s totally agreeable to expect nothing but only the best for it.

Web development (Mandatory for every business standing today in the digital world) is one of the main pillars of any brand. You might be the CTO or CEO of a company, confused about which framework would be best for your business’s web development keeping in mind the prospects of its future.

Well, let us clarify one thing first! With this ideology, you’ll often stay confused because no framework is perfect. What results in perfect web development is the choices we make and how effective is our team of web developers.

Vue.js and Laravel PHP framework together is one of the most preferred duos today for superb web development.

You might be thinking, how is this even possible? What could Laravel – A server-side PHP framework and Vue.js – A JavaScript front end development framework have anything to do with each other? Friend! It’s 2021, and nearly everything is being tested with anything to spark innovation.

If you’ve used the latest version of Laravel, then you must’ve noticed that it comes with Vue in some of its tools like jQuery and Bootstrap. Moreover, in the Laravel documentation, you would also notice that they have included a small introduction about using Vue components.

So, what purpose could these two frameworks serve each other, and how efficiently, is what we have covered in this blog.

Scan it till the last, to comprehend why you should choose Vue.js with Laravel in web development for your business. But first, let’s get some basics cleared.


Founded in 2014 by Mr. Evan You, Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework used for developing single-page applications & designing sophisticated user interfaces. Being an open-source framework it focuses on declarative rendering.

Stats proving high popularity of Vue.js


Core features that make Vue.js special for web development

1) It uses ‘Virtual DOM’

A virtual DOM is smaller in size than the actual DOM and so is very efficient. It is relatively simple to use and improves the productivity of Vue.js while helping it in better memory & CPU management. Overall it allows developers to enjoy a boosted performance.

2) CSS Transitions/Animations

Vue.js has a built-in transition component that helps developers to make the UX more interactive by adding 3rd party animation libraries, such as Animate.css. It can manipulate the DOM directly by drawing animation libraries.

3) 2-Way Data Binding

This is something Vue.js can boast about. Due to its MVVM architecture, Vue.js allows 2-way data binding because of which any modification made in the UI will be passed to the data and will immediately help in reflecting changes.

4) Easy to integrate

Vue.js enables web developers to incorporate itself with the present applications, which are currently in the trend. This is because of its JavaScript structure, it is extremely useful for developing fresh web applications by altering the previous ones.


Laravel is a free & open-source server-side PHP framework founded by Mr. Taylor Otwell in 2011 and released under their MIT license. Its Model View Component (MVC) pattern makes it an ideal choice for web development. The framework is enriched with developer-friendly features and comes up with a fresh version at the interval of every six months.

Stats proving high popularity of Laravel

  • 6,61,172 websites from across the world are currently relying on Laravel.
  • Above 12,086 Indians trust Laravel for web development.
  • It has also been awarded as the 2nd most popular framework in these nations: Georgia, Palestine, Mongolia, Maldives, and Nepal.
  • At GitHub, Laravel has scored 66K stars and 21.2K forks.
  • More than 4% of developers have loved Laravel on Stack Overflow.


Core features that make Laravel an optimal choice for web development

1) Fast ORM

Objective Relational Mapping is an essential feature that comes into use while developing Advanced Web Applications. Laravel’s Eloquent ORM is faster, better, and includes ‘Active Record Pattern’ to issue database queries in simple PHP syntax rather than complicated SQL Codes.

2) Artisan Command Line

A command line helps in the creation of the project environment. Laravel has an in-built tool called Artisan, which makes database management pretty easier due to its skeleton code and database architecture. It also allows basic MVC files and the creation of customized channels.

3) Templating Tool

An in-built templating tool called ‘Blade’ helps in dynamic content seeding of the web application. Templates in Laravel are extremely lightweight and are empowered by CSS & JS Code based widgets. Due to this platform, it is much easier to create a functional layout.

4) Advanced Security Features

Laravel’s infallible security is simply unmatched by any other framework. It works with the Bcrypt algorithm that generates encrypted passwords to prevent serious threats like CSR forgery, Cross-site scripting, and SQL injections by guarding the codebase.

Why Laravel shouldn’t be used with other top front-end frameworks?

In the areas of front-end development, you would surely have heard the names of Angular & React. These two frameworks are trendsetters today. Still, why didn’t we talk about them with Laravel?

Well, read ahead and you’ll find out the reasons why developers often avoid using Laravel with Angular or React.

Laravel with Angular

There’s no doubt that Angular is one of the most chosen front-end frameworks in the world. It has many similarities with Laravel, and unfortunately, some of these similarities are the reason for conflicts between these two frameworks.

When combined, Laravel serves as an API and Angular can be used as a SPA project that can handle logins & data. Most developers that have worked with Laravel & Angular together in a project often have the same complaints:-

  • Both frameworks use an MVC-driven application structure.
  • Both have a templating engine with conflicting syntax.
  • Both use DOM iterators.
  • Both use the same {{}} brackets to define variables which creates confusion.

Though some ways have been discovered to solve these troubles, a smooth development experience, is still unseen.

Laravel with React

Primarily maintained by Facebook & the community of companies, React is an open-source front-end JavaScript library.

Developers think it serves as an ideal partner with Laravel because of its excellent front-end performance, and dynamic loads on demand. But, these are some difficulties that prove it as an inadequate choice:-

  • React is an opinionated framework, and fits only with small-scale projects. If scaling is one of your future goals, then it is never recommended to be used.
  • Your team members with a non-JavaScript background may face difficulty in comprehending React.
  • Your library dependencies increase with React, which can complicate the entire project.
  • React projects can consume a significant time to set up.

Reading these points above has helped you understand why developers worldwide avoid using Laravel with React or Angular.

The framework works peerlessly with Vue.js and is discovered as the perfect match for developing applications & websites by experts.

No surprise, why some of the top-grossing brands have used Vue.js with Laravel in their web applications:-

  • Grammarly
  • Trustpilot
  • 9GAG
  • Behance
  • Laravel Spark
  • Nintendo
  • Gitlab
  • Buzzfeed


How Laravel Makes A Perfect Match with Vue.js for Web Development?

It’s time we finally reveal what makes Laravel & Vue.js an ideal combo for developing modern-day web applications.

Builds quick & responsive event-driven applications

Vue.js makes the best event-driven apps because all the activities are handled on the front end. Developers can use its composable components as per their wishes. This is exactly one of the points making it an ideal match for Laravel.

When you use Vue.js with Laravel, you just need to make a few steps to request data from the Laravel app. Additionally, the process to change the UI also becomes so easy, merely by switching the components. The entire page doesn’t get reloaded and improves the holistic user experience of your app because of the speed offered by Vue.js.

Security of your application goes unbreachable

Using both Laravel & Vue.js makes your modern world application invulnerable to cyber-attacks. Laravel is a very secure PHP framework. It makes your website Malware repellent by using MAL API that passes query data to modify the query’s intent. It further prevents SQL injections by its Eloquent ORM. It also has Cross-Site Request Forgery Tokens that safeguards your web app from third-party Malicious craft implementation.

Easily develop Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications or SPAs are one of the best things that have appeared on the internet in the last decade. It makes your app accessible to a broader level of user audience which was harder to reach earlier.

Through the combination of Vue.js & Laravel PHP framework, you can empower your business with quality-level single-page applications. This will help you deliver a rich web experience, and leverage the audience from some outside parts of Europe & America, as they are the most who face issues to get on the internet.

All of the assets of your app built with Laravel & Vue, easily get loaded at one time, and your app becomes engageable to the visitors even at very low bandwidth and very little data consumed.

Makes Database Migration Effortless

Database Migration allows you to deal with the team collaboration issues with Database. With Laravel, you can add or drop fields in your database without deleting the existing record. Moreover, you can plan and devise new things in the database structure using Laravel Migration.

You wouldn’t even require to reach Database managers such as PHPMyAdmin, SQL Lite, etc to create database tables. Laravel migration literally saves a lot of time, hence why Laravel is known to be the best option to opt with Vue.js.

Build Optimally Advanced Frontend Pages

When you are planning to build an application that needs to update commonly, then you’ve no other option than to build it entirely on JavaScript.

Because of no Virtual Document Object Model availability, you can not trust jQuery, JavaScript, and other libraries, as they will only result in performance issues.

But when you create an app with the components of Vuejs, tracking of all components’ dependencies is done automatically. Thus, the system will let you know which component is required to be updated.

Overall, the efficiency of the application will be improved because all updates to the DOM will use minimal resources.

Unbelievably easier to grasp & use

Combining Vue.js and Laravel PHP framework is really easy to learn. Developers who are experienced with Angular, React, Vanilla, JavaScript, HTML, or any other data binding language, will find Vuejs very easy to skim.

Because the framework operate maximally on abstractions than plain JavaScript, it becomes easier to execute internal coding. As both Vue.js & Laravel integrate easily with each other, the combination of both becomes unbelievably easier to grasp, even for novice developers.

Final Sayings…

If you have thoroughly read each & every section of this blog, then you must have got an idea why you should choose Vue.js with Laravel in web development for your business.

Both of these frameworks provide promising features one would need to build a modern-day & scalable web app for their business.

Still, combining Vue.js with Laravel into one single project is not an easy task. It takes a team of seasoned experts to get the needful done and to avoid any amateur outcomes.

It’s totally your choice whom you want to work with, but a FREE consultation from 10+ years of experienced & Laravel certified developer is only going to benefit your concept.


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