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10 Useful Tools for Laravel Development

Powering more than 1 million websites worldwide and having a popularity of 9.45% in 2022, as per a research report by Statista, Laravel is a commendable PHP framework to go with. The Laravel framework facilitates a project with advanced security features like better authentication and authorization and a faster time-to-market. Top websites like Invoice Ninja, MyRank, Laracasts, etc., trust Laravel for their website.

All in all, Laravel in web programming is so popular that many tools are specifically designed and developed to facilitate fast-paced project development cycles. So, when leading a web development project using this PHP framework, you can reach rapid project development with the right set of Laravel tools for all Laravel versions.

Following are the top 10 Laravel development tools you can proceed with your project with:


1. Laravel Debugbar – Debugging Tool



The Laravel Debugbar is counted among the most popular tools to use during the development phase, as it comes with an integrated PHP Debugbar. This Laravel tool helps analyze database queries, route data, display models, logs, and much more. So, it proves effective in debugging or troubleshooting the website and web application in the development phase.

However, one must not deploy the Debugbar during the production phase as it leads to poor website performance with longer wait times. On the bright side, this Laravel tool is easier to install and leverage as it performs seamlessly with the PHP framework.


2. Laravel Backup – Backup Tool


As the name suggests, Laravel Backup allows developers to implement backup functions on websites and web apps for businesses. The package provides a web-based interface for managing and restoring the uploaded backups of the application. With Backups, Laravel developers can ensure zero data loss as the data is stored in the Clouds.


3. Laravel Telescope – Debugging Tool with In-Built Security Features


Another great tool for debugging Laravel-based application development projects is Laravel Telescope. It provides the developer’s team with actionable insights over log entries, database queries, etc. It also provides you with the main page that lets you view sent emails and the recipients’ names.

Unlike Debugbar, Laravel Telescope can also be used in the production phase and does not slow down the application. The availability of built-in security tools ensures greater security for the Laravel eCommerce development based projects. Moreover it completely handles WebSockets server-side by replacing Pusher & Laravel Echo Server.


4. Laravel Tinker – Rapid Testing of New Features


Laravel Tinker is a truly unique tool as it allows the developer’s team to test out new features and debug the application. All of it without having to make modifications to the code. It is feasible as the Tinker package facilitates any Laravel development company to run application interaction by running the commands in the terminal.


5. Bitbucket – Repository Management


Bitbucket is ideal for developing small-scale applications or simple web apps. It is valuable when trying to store private code repositories and is much more flexible when compared to GitHub. Overall, Bitbucket provides smooth collaboration, allowing a centralized space for managing git repositories of your Laravel project.

The package is free for up to five users, which helps you reduce Laravel application development costs. Bitbucket comes with smarter semantic search, wiki functionality, and robust Jira integrations which are vital to best Laravel development practices.


6. Google Recaptcha – Handling Spam and Abuse


The Google Recaptcha package is ideal for combating your websites against spam and works exceptionally well for the Latest Laravel versions . Despite being available as a completely free service, the Google reCaptcha effectively safeguards an online platform from abuse. The integration leverages an advanced risk analysis engine. It also has adaptive challenges that prevent automated software from abusive activities on any website.


7. Socialite – Quick Social Media Integration


Counted among the most rapidly used packages for Laravel development, Socialite allows logging in via social networking sites. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Bitbucket, etc., can be used to log in to the web app using the Socialite package. It works by providing a smooth option for user authentication when users try to log in.

The Socialite package simply redirects the users to the appropriate login page of the chosen social networking platform. Once the user logs in, Socialite automatically automatically retrieves their profile information from the social networking platform and stores it in the database. Hire Laravel experts who know their ways around popular tools like Socialite, Tinker, Telescope, etc. So you get a high-performing app in a limited time.


8. Entrust – Control User Permissions and Roles


Entrust, as a Laravel development tool, streamlines the software development process and allows you to control user roles and responsibilities effectively. It has a robust command line interface lets you define and control user responsibilities. With Entrust, developers also get hands-on customizable database structures that can be easily integrated into the data models.


9. PHPStorm – For a Range of Functions


Unlike other packages on this list that are focussed on providing specific functionality, PHPSTorm is an all-in-one package. Easy debugging, rapid testing, refactoring, smart code navigation, etc., are some of the power-packed features available with PHPStorm.

Moreover, it also comes with Laravel-centric features, including blade template loading, artisan command execution, and route injection. So, all Laravel development companies leverage PHPStorm for their projects. It is a standard package for most PHP development projects.


10. User Verification – Ensuring Accessibility to Authorised Users Only


The user verification package of the LAravel framework lets developers handle greater privacy for the application. Via user verification, businesses can easily cross-check the user’s identity through phone numbers, email addresses, and social media accounts. It proves handy in creating applications for use by specific users. Ultimately businesses boost the security of their app and safeguard their data effectively using the User verification tool.

Over to You

That was all about the top Laravel development tools ideal for any web development project. Each covers specific functionalities that allow developers to meet faster development cycles. Dedicated Laravel experts can leverage these tools to create a functional and well-secured app for your business.

We at Laravel Wizard have more than a decade of experience creating Laravel-powered websites and web applications. Our years of expertise allow us to investigate the right Laravel development tools for your business application. Connect with us to experience reliable  Laravel Development services at an affordable budget.




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