Comprehensive wholesale provider of technical products and services, ranging from heating to ventilation, plumbing, PVC, and even home furnishings.

About Project

Kastol is a wholesaler of technical products that is exclusively online. Through their store, they also offer comprehensive technical support and guidance for solutions. Seeing an influx in demand from existing customers, Kastol shifted from providing a B2B eCommerce marketplace service exclusively to opening its own eCommerce store. To keep up with the market, they needed a robust technical solution for their expansive catalog of products for home improvement and management.

Kastol consulted with Laravel Wizard’s specialists to create a custom website that was easy to navigate, rapid loading, mobile-friendly, and secure. Consequently, our team used the Laravel PHP platform due to its exceptional safety components and strong core. Leveraging its top-notch security measures and firm foundation, we crafted a website that could easily accommodate up to 1 million products. In addition to development, we also conducted several module integrations and SEO enhancements for Kastol. Despite encountering hardships during the development phase, the overall experience proved to be a valuable lesson.

What We Did

  • UI/UX design
  • Custom Laravel development
  • Custom module development & integration
  • Payment and other necessary modules integration
  • In-depth website audit
  • Final testing and deployment of servers

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